Everleigh Club

Perhaps the most famous brothel in Chicago, the Everleigh Club was located at 2131-33 South Dearborn Street. It was opened by two sisters on February 1, 1900, who emphasized the importance of class for their type of establishment.

Sisters Minna and Ada Lester, who later changed their name to "Everleigh," got their start with a $35,000 inheritance from their father. They invested it in a whorehouse in Omaha, and with their success decided on Chicago next. The South Side brother they purchased for $55,000 would become the most famous brothel in the world.1

The sisters did not cut any corners to set themselves apart from the competition. Their establishment included an art gallery, dining room, library, music room, ballroom, and ritzy parlors. Alongside the decor, the girls of the club were taught manners and grace, bringing respectability to whorehouses.2

Carter Harrison II ordered the Club padlocked on October 24, 1911, and officially closed on October 25 at 2:45 am. The sisters accepted that it was the end.3 They would spend the rest of their lives New York.

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