Mickey Finn

Creator of the infamous "Mickey Finn," Mickey Finn the man was the owner of the Lone Star Saloon and Palm Gardens on South State Street. The two drinks he was famous for were the "Mickey Finn Special" and the "Number Two."

The "Mickey Finn Special" contained raw alcohol, water with snuff soaked in it, and a few drops of "white stuff," which was probably chloral hydrate. The "Number Two" consisted of the same mixture, expect with beer instead of alcohol. Once given to an unknowing customer, Mickey and his wife dragged the unconscious to the back, proceeding to strip, rob, dress them in rags, and dump them in an alley.1

In the back room of his establishment was a school for pickpockets, while beds for prostitutes were in the basement. The Lone Star was known to be the roughest and seediest dive in Chicago until it closed in 1903. Afterwards, Mickey sold his Special to other bar owners for several years.2

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